MCD-Level-1 Exam Dumps Questions for a Swift Success

MuleSoft Certified Developer – Level 1 (Mule 4) Exam is the validation of the candidate’s skills as a developer who has the knowledge and skills to design, build, test and debug, deploy, and manage basic APIs and integrations across Anypoint Platform to Anypoint Studio.

It is a multiple-choice, closed book, proctored online exam that tests the candidate on 60 questions for a duration of 120 minutes. To pass the exam you will need a passing score of at least 70%. It can be hard without proper help. Only Dumps4Free can help you pass the exam and win over employers at the same time.

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Question No. 1:

What payload is returned by a Database SELECT operation that does not match any rows in the database?
A. false
B. null
C. Exception
D. Empty Array
Answer: D

Question No. 2:

What is the output type of the DataWeave map operator?
A. String
B. Array
C. Map
D. Object
Answer: D

Question No. 3:

A web client submits a request to http://localhost:8081?accountType=personal. The query parameter is captured using a Set Variable transformer to a variable named accountType.
What is the correct DataWeave expression to log accountType?
A. Account Type: #[flowVars.accountType]
B. Account Type: #[message.inboundProperties.accountType]
C. Account Type: # [attributes.accountType]
D. Account Type: #[vars.accountType]
Answer: D

Question No. 4:

A web client submits a request to http://localhost:8081?flrstName=john. What is the correct DataWeave expression to access the firstName parameter?
A. #[attributes.queryParams.firstName]
B. #[message.queryParams.hrstName]
C. #[message.inboundProperties.’http.query.params’.firstName]
D. #[attributes.’http.query.params’.firstName]
Answer: A

Question No. 5:

What is a valid expression for the Choice router’s when expression to route events to the documenticShippingflow?
A. 0#[ payload = ‘US’ ]
B. #[ payload == ‘US’ J
C. #[ if(payload = ‘US’) J
D. #[ if(payload == “US”) ]
Answer: B